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Common Issues With Damaged Evaporative Cooling Systems

Unit blowing warm air

This is a common issue that can have multiple causes but we can usually fix this on the first visit.

Unit blowing no air

This fault can be fan or duct-work related and is usually easy to diagnose.

Blank keypad/controller

Usually an electrical or wiring issue that is easily solved by our technicians.

Unit tripping the power

Can be a dangerous fault that requires a trained professional.

Unit leaking water continuously

This can affect cooling performance and be caused by numerous different issues, however it can be repaired easily.

Unit not turning on

Usually an electrical fault that our technicians can resolve easily.

Unit creating a burning smell when in use

This can be just the smell of the new pads, or a more serious electrical issue or fan related issue.

Unit making a strange noise

Our experienced technicians will always be able to diagnose this problem, however, there are usually a number of different causes.

Fan not working

Could be as simple as a small fuse problem or a larger issue like the fan motor.

Musty smell being omitted from the unit

Can be caused by water not draining properly or pad deterioration. We clean the filter pads thoroughly and disinfect the whole system.

Brivis Error Code – Evaporative Cooling

Most Brivis Evaporative Cooling units only have a single error message that users see on their displays; “Error: Service”. If you are getting this fault code on your Brivis Evaporative Cooler then you need to contact Gastek and arrange for one of our experienced technicians to come and service your unit right away.

If you are experiencing any of these issues or any others that are not listed, then don’t hesitate to call us on (03) 9489 5747 or visit our Contact Page. The sooner we can diagnose the problem the sooner we can fix it, and the less long-term damage it will cause. To learn about what you can expect from a Gastek service or repair, have a look at our Evaporative Cooling Repairs page.