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Braemar te420 gas ducted heating unit with a faulty gas valve.Gastek Heating & Cooling are the most professional, reliable and friendly ducted heating experts you’ll find in Melbourne. If you require ducted heating repairs or ducted heating servicing in Melbourne’s Northern and Eastern suburbs then you can’t go past Gastek. We are committed to keeping your ducted heating running as smoothly and efficiently as possible in order to save you having to completely replace your ducted heating unit.

We specialise in identifying the underlying causes of your ducted heating problems and then providing you with the proper duct repair solution to fix them. We are also committed to providing you with outstanding customer service and workmanship so that your system works efficiently and effectively for many years to come.

We recommend that you have your ducted heater inspected each winter by an experienced professional. This will ensure that your unit is working efficiently and correctly. You don’t want to risk the health of you or your family with things such as carbon monoxide poisoning or faulty electrics. If you are having any issues with your Ducted Heater then have a look at our Ducted Heating Issues page to learn about some of the more common issues that we encounter.

Our Ducted Heating Services:

Ducted Heating Service, Maintenance & Clean

We do advise regular and preventive maintenance for ducted heaters and general service every 2 years. This will help to prevent costly breakdowns during peak periods of use as well as ensuring your gas heating unit is working as efficiently as possible. Carbon monoxide levels are also tested to ensure all levels of quality air.

Ducted Heating Repairs

Our fully trained and experienced service technicians use their knowledge to fault find and test units with a full range of equipment to ensure your unit is fully operational before we leave.  We have access to a wide range of spare parts for a wide range of brands.

Change Over/Replacement Units

As with any appliance there will come a time that your will need to replace your ducted heating unit Gastek can provide you a range of different options, make, models and benefits for you to choose from.  You may choose to upgrade your unit to a higher efficiency gas heating unit or to a more modern quieter system before it needs replacement or you may choose to wait unitl the unit no longer provides the heating you need, whichever scenario you fall under Gastek will be able to provide a suitable solution.


We can update, replace or repair all types of thermostats. There are many different styles to choose from the most popular beingreplacing a manual controller to a fully programmable thermostat.  Many thermostat models will allow you to program the start and stop times of your heater over a 7 day week as well as providing a digital display, a big improvement from the old style manual dials.

Zoning Issues

Zoning issues can leave your house hot at one end and freezing at the other, these issues can be fixed once we have inspected and diagnosed the fault and a solution or repair can be performed.  Our experience service technicians can review the airflow and design and make an appropriate recommendation to improve your situation or replace broken zone motors if required.

Ductwork Repairs & Replacements

Animals, people and time can impact on your duct work.  Damaged or squashed ductwork is a common problem which can either be repaired or replaced depending on the extent and the cause of the problem.  Our team carry all the materials for small repairs and can easily access further materials if required for larger repairs.

Commonly Serviced Ducted Heating Units

Brivis Classic Series:

  • Brivis 2P Wombat 15, 20, 20XA, 26, 26XA
  • Brivis Buffalo 15, 20, 20XA, 26XA
  • Brivis Downflow 20, 20XA
  • Brivis Upflow 20, 20XA, 26, 26XA

Brivis Compact Classic Series:

  • CC315IN, CC320IN, CC320IN-XA, CC325IN, CC325IN-XA, CC330IN, CC330IN-XA

Brivis StarPRo SP4 Series:

  • SP415, SP421, SP430, SP435

Brivis StarPro MX Series:

  • MX21E, MX21E-XA, MX21I, MX21I-XA, MX30E, MX30E-XA, MC30I, MC30I-XA, MX35I
Brivis Buffalo 5 Star Series:

  • BX520
  • BX526

Brivis StarPro Sp5 Series:

  • SP515IN, SP521EN, SP521EN-XA, SP521IN, SP521IN-XA, SP530EN, SP520EN-XA, SP530IN, SP530IN-XA, SP535IN

Brivis StarPro HX Series:

  • HX15I, HX23E, HX23E-XA, HX23I, HX23I-XA, HX30E, HX30E-XA, HX30I, HX-30I-XA, HX35I

Brivis StarPro SP6 Series:

  • Sp615IN, SP623EN, SP623EN-XA, SP623IN, SP623IN-XA, SP630EN, SP630EN-XA, SP630IN, SP630IN-XA, SP635IN

Ducted Heating Brands We Service/Repair:

Our professionals at Gastek have a wealth of experience with a huge range of Ducted Heating units. We service all Vulcan, Stadt, Omega, Rinnai and Gasglo Ducted Heating Units.

Looking for Evaporative Cooling Repairs & Servicing?

If you think it’s time to service your Evaporative Cooling unit, or it’s in urgent need of repairs, then check out our Evaporative Cooling Repairs page for more information on what you can expect from Gastek.