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Common Issues With Damaged Ducted Heating Units

The smell of gas

Obviously a dangerous problem that requires immediate attention. It is also worth remembering that some heater faults can create carbon monoxide gas that can escape into the atmosphere or the home and cannot be detected by smell.

Pilot light out or won’t light

One of the most common problems with older style heaters. It can be due to the injectors requiring a standard general service, recommended by manufacturers every 2 years.

No air flow

Can be an electronic problem or ducting problem which we can diagnose quite easily.

Thermostat not working

Can be a problem with wiring, electrical board or thermostat. It us quite easy to fix, as all our technicians carry a wide range of spare thermostats.

Blank Keypad

Likely to be a faulty cable to the keypad or a power issue in or to the unit. Or potentially a printed circuit board problem, which is easily fixable by our technicians.

Heater is making loud noises

Could be a fan or injectors issue. A General maintenance service will diagnose and rectify the problem.

Unit is creating a burning smell when in use

This indicates the fan may not be operating. A standard service call is required to resolve the issue.

Only blowing cold air

Could be a gas or pilot light related issue, requiring our experienced technicians to locate the fault.

Unit is tripping the power

Indicates a potential short in the electronics or a faulty electrical component, which we can usually diagnose and repair during the same service call.

Unit only giving a minimal air flow

This will likely be a ducting issue, but can also indicate an issue with the fan.

We also receive calls for a number of common Brivis Heating error codes:

  • Errors 30, 60 & 65 are fan related

  • Errors 50, 55, 56 & 71 are gas related

  • Errors 35, 40, 41 & 42 are overheating related

If you are experiencing any of these issues or any others that are not listed, then call us right away on (03) 9489 5747 or visit our Contact Page. The sooner we can diagnose the problem the sooner we can fix it, and the less long-term damage it will cause. If you would like to learn more about what you can except from a Gastek repair or service, check out our Ducted Heating Repairs page.